How To Kickstart Your Health And Fitness Journey In As Little As 7 Days...
Even if you believe / think I Don't Have Time To Workout And When I Do, I Don't Know Where To Begin!

From Ruth Biza
Madison, New Jersey

Dear friend,

Hey, my name is Ruth Biza I am a fitness trainer. 

I am here today because I want to give you the Full Body Fat Burning Exercises ebook.

This is my framework and my ebook for kick starting your health fitness from the comfort of your home and start getting results.

But before I give you access to the full body fat burning exercise ebook, I want to tell you the backstory about how it was created...

This is NOT something that I just made up one day, and hoped that it would work, I spent OVER 5 years testing and perfecting this by putting my body through different programs.

This is what happened...

I saw a flyer for group fitness program that has classes every hour from 5am - 7pm and I signed up. My first class was great

I saw a flyer for group fitness program that has classes every hour from 5am - 7pm and I signed up. My first class was great. 
I watched in ‘awe’ as the trainer demonstrated each exercise, the body part it focused and pushed us to go beyond what we thought we were capable of!

At the end of the class, I still remember what happened...

She gathered us to the center of the room, gave a Power Talk and dismissed us for the day.
Everyone in the room was high on inspiration and just didn’t want to go home yet.

They formed clusters outside to discuss the workout and how everyone felt prior to signing up and what they were anticipating.

And what happened next changed my life.

I remember watching the excitement, hope and faith
...they had in the success of the program!
I returned home in awe of what I experienced and watching as others experienced it too

That evening I went back for a second class.

40 people had signed up for this program with me, 14 Days in, additional 20 had signed up!
One person lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks, the next 15 pounds in one month.

I watched it happen all over again… but the best was a new friend who lost 20 pounds, got off her blood pressure medication, reduced her cholesterol and couldn’t stop thanking the trainers for their guidance and patience running each class

After of watching this happen over and over, I knew I HAD to get that for myself and I did. I lost 25 pounds in 10 weeks.

I didn’t really want to be a trainer…

But I knew that if someone who was JUST LIKE ME, could step in front of a class,and in an HOUR make people believe they can achieve their fitness goals if they put in the work and take it one day at a time...

..then I NEEDED to learn that skill,

Maybe I wasn’t going to inspire and help HUNDREDS like the trainer that I watched, (or so I thought at the time)...

But what if this one skill could help my family to become healthier?

Or my friends?
Or my neighbors?

What would it be worth to learn THAT skill…?

There was just one problem...

I was (and still am) an introvert who has no DESIRE of speaking to people...

Yet, within a few weeks of being part of this program,

I was invited to become a trainer...

I was nervous and considered turning down the invitation… but I was pretty sure that If I could learn and model what the other trainers were doing then I could it... and so I responded with an excited… YES!

I invested time and money to go through the training bootcamp and was a nervous wreck on the day of the certification exam.

I did all the training and studying I could possibly do so I took the exam and prayed that I aced every section.

24 hours later I got the news I PASSED! I was officially certified but the true challenge was about to begin….

My first class.

I created my class plan beforehand and did a test run to make sure I had it all right.
And then nervously opened the door to my first class. I had put in the work so

I couldn’t wait to find out what people thought!

And then it happened…

My Worst Nightmare Came True…

I stood in front of the class…

I began the warm up

And then, in what was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life thus far

 happened for everyone to see…

THE MUSIC cutout.
I called a member by the WRONG NAME.
I FORGOT which exercise was next and completely FROZE as members waited for what to do next.

I just stood there, as the awkward silence continued… Miraculous the music kicked back in. I desperately wanted the class to end so I could...

Just Wanted Out :(

I couldn’t understand it…why the other trainers commanded and inspired the classes , but not me?

I went over and over it again in my mind...
Did I miss something in my preparation?”
“Was my plan for the class really that horrible?”
“Did I just completely miss the mark on what it took?”
“Maybe I’m not cut out to do this “teaching thing”…”

I thought did everything the other trainers did.
What went wrong?

I literally took myself off the training schedule for the next week (wallowing and going over every single thing I did wrong) because I didn’t want to see any of the members…I was a member just a few weeks prior

“Well, that’s that”, I thought...

I gave it a try, and had a HORRIBLE experience…
...and I NEVER wanted to teach again!

And I didn’t for another week…

But I was still going to classes to workout, and I watched as the trainers and new trainers got better and improved with each class.

Eventually that belief that:

IF I COULD LEARN THIS ONE SKILL, that my life would change forever…

That thought kept resounding in my ears… I finally came to my senses, and eventually decided to give it another shot.
I tried a second time...
And a third...
And a fourth...

I kept showing up and teaching 10 minute segment of a 45 minute classes instead of an entire class over and over, and I was getting a little bit better each time.

I shadowed other trainers to pick up more tips, I shared my class plans ahead of time and got feedback and help…

Each one had their own approach to making that made each class a success that I wasn’t.

I also watched hundreds of fitness trainers online, and started to model what they were doing...

Every time, I’d add in the new things I was learning…

I kept showing up to teach my 10 minute segments of a class

..until I slowly started to master the skill, and I starting making really good progress!

I Started Teaching From 10 minutes, To 25 minutes, To 30 minutes!

Every time I learned a new routine, I would have to create a new class plan.

After rebuilding my classes dozens times, I started to create a framework that took EVERYTHING I had learned from the trainers in the this program and from around the world, as well as what I discovered from my own experiences...

And created the first draft of my framework on the simple exercises that have always worked to get people started and I called it...
"The Full Body Fat Burning Exercises"
Each time I would get in front of a class, I would start with these exercises, get people moving and overtime my members got stronger with each movements and began to level up flawlessly!

Over the next few years...

I went from shy scared trainer...

To Becoming one that the members nicknamed Ruthless Ruth

(because I didn’t allow them to quit and I challenged them to tap into the extra 40% potential that was reserved)

But then something changed for me…

After Finally Getting Confident and Getting Results to People, I Suffered an Injury…
that required surgery

I spent time learning, and building...

And I got GREAT at helping people get results !

But this injury sidelined me and I felt like my progress had been sidelined as well.
I hated that I missed my members.

I hated that I was forced to stay home and not provide the value and support that my members needed.

I hated that I was missing out on getting stronger.

So Late One Night, While Wallowing In My Pity Party of 1, I Decided I Couldn’t Just Sit Around Anymore: 

I’m Going To Find A Way.

So I turned to the internet to find solutions for returning exercise after an injury or having not worked out in a while.

I discovered all the exercises and movements that were recommended were already what I had my members doing, but there were a few tweaks that I had to make.

Over The Next 3 Years I Taught Over 1000+ LIVE Classes, Worked with over 200+ people And During That Time, PERFECTED:

"The Full Body Fat Burning Exercises"
Every time I had new members, I had them start with these simple exercises and then build on from there

And I'd watch as their progress would explode!

"If You Are Here Right Now, Then You Can Kickstart Your Health And Fitness Journey In As Little As 7 Days... even if you believe / think I Don't Have Time To Workout And When I Do, I Don't Know Where To Begin!"

If you have not worked out in a while or want to start feeling better, or find simple exercises to incorporate in your daily schedule this is designed just for you.

In the past I only taught people these in $400 programs but today I wanted to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the entire exercises to burn fat...
For Only $7.00
Yes... for about the price of a Venti coffee, you can get access to a list of exercises that took me years of teaching and seeing results to narrow down...

That after you begin to consistently implement, will give you the start you need to exceed your health and fitness goals.
YES RUTH! Give Me Instant Access To The 15 Full Body Fat Burning Exercises RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
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It Doesn't Matter What Fitness Level You're On... The Full Body Fat Burn Exercises Will Work For YOU!
In fact...
We have women in multiple life stages who are using this SAME PDF to Kickstart Their Health And Fitness Journeys from Anywhere!
They use it to:
  • ​Boost Their Energy
  • ​Reset Their Workouts
  • ​Build Upper Body Strength
  • ​​Increase Blood Flow
  • ​​ Build Cardiovascular Health
  • ​Improve Their Health 
  • ​and many more!
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This PDF Will Teach You Exercises That Will Allow You To Begin to Work Towards The Results You Are Looking For ANYWHERE.

When You Get Your Copy Of "The Full Body Fat Burning" PDF (For Just $7.00)
You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - The Weightloss Success Toolkit

"Daily Activity Tracker with directions to help you win the day"

Total Value: $197
This first bonus will help you measure and manage your fitness journey. This toolkit includes Review sections, meal and hydration trackers as well as an evening reflection section to ensure you take the wins from that day into the next. Others have paid over $197 for JUST THIS ONE TOOLKIT, but you'll be getting it FREE when you order the Full Body Fat Burning Exercises today!

It will help you to know exactly what exercise to do and which body part it activates and targets. This will help you to kickstart and boost your fitness so you get the results you want!
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Bonus #2 - Positive Affirmations Worksheets
How to Use Positive Affirmations to Boost Weight Loss Success
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This worksheet makes it simple for you to Empower and Motivate yourself so you're able to have a competitive advantage on tough days and still reach your goals when you face roadblocks.
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Bonus #3 - Habit Tracker
Quick Way to Sustain Results
Total Value: $47
This Worksheet helps you to build better habits which serves as motivation to keep pushing forward so you can stop wasting time and effort quitting a behavior only to return back to the behavior in a week.
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Bonus #4 - Grocery Shopping List
How To Minimize Impulse Food Shopping
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This List makes it easy to helps you stay on track with your nutrition plan which enables you to minimize food impulse buys that do not fuel your body and saves time and helps you navigate through the noise of the grocery store isles .
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Bonus #5 - Framework to Breakthrough Stubborn Diet Plateaus 
How To Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Again
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This ebook is the secret to understand why you have hit a weight loss plateau ... find eating changes you can make and finally start losing weight again and feel confident, fit, and free.
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Bonus #6 - Simple Steps That Instantly Boost Exercise Motivation
Get Access To My 3 Simple Steps
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This ebook helps you find the motivation to exercise and it is easy to implement. Finding the motivation to exercise is sometimes challenging. It can be tempting to loll around on the couch instead of climbing onto the treadmill. Try these three easy secrets that will get you moving..
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Bonus #7 - Foolproof Plan for Achieving Healthy Weight Loss
How To Minimize Impulse Food Shopping
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Whether you are recovering from long-term unhealthy eating habits or you just want to shed a few unwanted pounds and achieve healthy weight loss that you can maintain for a long time? Then this is the guide for you.
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You might be wondering why I would give the PDF plus all these bonuses for $7 - there is no catch, there is no monthly subscription.

The reason why I am doing this is because as a certified trainer...

I have helped over 200 women lose weight
Gain confidence 
And be FREE and it all started with these simple exercises that were done daily.

Start slow and get your body and mind in tuned with what you are doing. 

I just want you to stop thinking and start doing and if you like it hopefully you’ll come back for more.
Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
This offer with all the bonuses is available online right now but will not be here forever that is why you need to get everything now because this might be gone soon.

Just imagine implementing these exercises and bonus regularly that skyrockets your fitness journey!

What Impact Would That Have On Your Confidence, Your Life?
 How Would That Increase Your Overall Approach To The Things And People That Matter To You Most !?!

Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
I 100% guarantee that you'll love this product, or I'll return your $7 and let you keep the full body fat burning exercises anyway.

I’ll take all the risk on this.

If you don’t feel that The Full Body Fat Burning is worth it, drop me an email within 30 days of getting the PDF and all the bonuses and I’ll refund your $7. No questions asked. Fair enough?

You Must Act Fast!
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before They're All Gone...
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
Okay. With that said, I hope you enjoy the PDF an all the bonus resources. I hope you use it.

This can transform your life forever and I want you to want that for yourself. 

Thanks again,
Ruth Biza
P.S. Did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was? 😊

You get my 15 Full Boy Fat Burning Exercises (instant download), that is the SAME exercise I start my clients with and have helped over 200 women lose the unwanted weight! I spent over 5 years perfecting this, and you can use it right now to get you started!

Just click the button below right now to get started! 
YES NAME! Give Me Instant Access To Full Body Fat Burning Exercises RIGHT NOW For Just $7.00 !
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Everything Your Going To Get
  • ​Instant Access To 15 Full Body Fat Burning Exercises (Value $197)
  • ​Full Access To Weight Loss Success Tool Kit (Value $197)
  • ​Instant Access To Framework to Break Through Stubborn Diet Plateaus (Value $297)
  • ​​Access To Secrets That Instantly Boost Exercise Motivation  (Value $97)
  • ​Instant Access To My Foolproof Plan For Achieving Healthy Weight Loss 
  • ​Positive Affirmations Worksheets (Value $97)
  • ​Habit Tracker (Value $47)
  • ​Food Shopping List (Value $47)
Total Value: $1,176
Today Just $7

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $47: I want the video recording walking me through each exercise and modification so I can get the best out of every movement.

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